Here are some of my projects.

Most of my best work is done while working full-time for my current employer, and unfortunately I am not at will to publicly showcase it, However here are some of my recent side projects I've developed on my own time just for fun, while learning, and/or exploring new technologies.

If you would like to see additional examples or perhaps something more specific, please get in touch and I'd be happy to send you more specific examples. Also, please see my GitHub account for additional projects and code samples.


This page is currently under construction. More projects coming soon!.
AlphaListNav.js - JavaScript Plugin
JavaScriptVanilla JavaScriptSASSHTMLBabelGruntGruntNavigationFilterJavaScript Plugin
React Rehab Finder
React.jsReact-Router-v4JavaScriptAxiosREST Api
Graduate Follow-Up Manager
PHPMySQLLaravel 5.7MaterializeCssJavaScriptSASSUser Authentication
Book Collection App
Node.jsExpressMongoDBReact.jsReduxReact-Router-v4JavaScriptAxiosREST ApiMERN stackUser AuthenticationJWT
React Notes App
React.jsReact-Router-v4JavaScriptUnit TestingJestEnzyme
Page Flipping Website
Vanilla JavaScriptES6/7Module PatternMVCWebPackBabelSCSSCSS Animation
Custom Website Template
HTMLCSSBootstrap 3Custom
Custom Website Template 2
HTMLCSSBootstrap 4CustomCustom WordPress Theme
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